Thursday, 6 May 2010

Swing The Heaviest Hammer Ya Got

I just picked up my 24 Hour Comic John Henry Split My Heart from the printers, and it's looking rather delicious. I've cropped it so it's about 2cm shorter and 1cm less wide than A5, mostly because my stupid PDFs left mysterious black lines as if to say "crop me" but it was a welcome mystery because now the book feels just that little bit more substantial to hold in one's hand. Here's a couple of photos I just snapped:

You'll be able to pick up copies from all the Travelling Man stores come the start of next week and you can already buy copies from my Etsy Shop. It retails at £3/$4 but if you're coming to the Paper Jam meeting tonight you'll get it for a shocking £2.50! Read more about the fabled item here.