Sunday, 24 June 2012

School's Out for Summer

Greetings all. Well, I'm now officially a qualified teacher and have an exciting September ahead of me. Until then, I also have a little more time to devote to drawing and stuff, so I thought I'd kick off with some old stuff that I didn't have the chance to post up here while I was in school etc.

First off, here's the cover artwork for the second Tiny Lights release from O'Messy Life. It's a reference to the Heaven's Gate Cult and originally had a different back cover featuring the head of their ultra-creepy cult leader Mark Applewhite.

Here's the unused Applewhite head:

I also had the tremendous pleasure of being placed at Benton Park Primary School for 8 weeks at the end of my course, and I got to know an absolutely lovely and utterly bonkers group of kids whose teacher acted as my mentor while I was there. Every morning they would tell me about the bizarre dreams they had the night before about being eaten by various food stuffs, mostly fruit. As a parting gift I made this illustration for them:

Finally, a bit of fan art for Mountain Man. Go lisssen.