Saturday, 31 March 2012

Since Last We Spoke

Hello! I've just broken up for Easter so I'm hoping to get organised on both the comics and becoming-a-teacher front over the next two weeks. I made a few tweaks to the main website, as I'm now teaching kids who know both of my names and are curious about googling me - there's a kids and grown-ups option when you hit the home page now, with ruder bits contained only in the latter.

Here's a few news items that might take your fancy:

1) There's an audio interview with me at the Canny Comic Con
2) I have illustrated THREE album covers I've managed not to post about before
3) I've created a tabletop RPG for Primary School-aged children

Interview at the CCC
Even though the event has been and gone, I recommend you visit the Canny Comic Con website so you can hear about how amazingly well the whole thing went. There's a nifty list of all the press it got - photos, reviews, blog entries and the likes. Among this selection of tasty treats are a few audio interviews with some really cool people, plus me. My girlfriend pointed out to me that I keep interrupting and sound like a jerk - I prefer to think of it as enthusiasm! The direct link is here.

THREE Album Covers
The first I really should have put up ages ago. This was commissioned by Rob Heron and the
Teapad Orchestra for their EP "Teepy Eepy". Go check them out here.

The other two are the fourth and fifth covers I've produced for O'Messy Life, this time for a couple of singles - "Escape Velocity" and "Little Vehicles/Space Holiday". Both of these bad boys are being put out by Tiny Lights, the first is available now, the second later this month. I'll post the cover for that one when it's all confirmed and the artwork is finalised.

Tabletop RPG for Kids

Among the other tasty nuggets of newness you can find on my main website, there is a link on the Workshops page for a free download of all the materials you need to play Forging Fables.

This is a game I play-tested with some Year 6s as an after-school club while I was on teaching placement and it went splendidly. It's not vastly different from a lot of other RPG gaming systems, but it's sleek enough to appeal to younger kids without bewildering them with tomes of stats and rules. Try it out with some youngsters and tell me how it went!

More soon...ish. Maybe.