Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Etsy Etc.

So I just updated my Etsy Shop with some of the unfortunate original art work that didn't sell at the Mushroom Works exhibition. I was told no one sold much, so my cheque for £3.60 wasn't as much of a slap in the face as one would naturally take it to be.

I also just finished an e-mail interview for the Thought Bubble Blog which you should be able to read soonish, and I've leaked the title of my forthcoming big project (which I plan to start actually drawing tomorrow if I can). So watch this space and I'll let you know when it goes live.

I haven't posted much on here for a long time but I intend to start making posts at least weekly
from now on - there's always loads to report, but that's usually why I never get around to it! One of the big things is that the workshop facilitation enterprise that myself and one Daniel Clifford created - Jack & Daniel's Comic Book Workshops - is starting to take off. We're doing two sessions this weekend for BBC Blast and we have a ton of gigs lined up with local libraries, Seven Stories Children's Book Centre and even Bede's World!

In other news, I spent some time today stitching together a few accessories for my top secret costume which I'll be wearing to the Comics and Games themed 30th Birthday party of long-standing comics bud and boss at Travelling Man, Mike Thompson. I will definitely be posting pictures when it's complete!

That's how for now.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Coupledom Contribution

So everyone must know who Andy Waugh is by now right? He's the one who did that small press comic called Melanchomic that was really funny, witty, poignant, slice-of-life and loved by all. So much so in fact that he's been able to consistently sell copies of it for what seems like decades without having to offer a follow up, while me and Gary Bainbridge have piles of Rusty Nail and Clean Living In Talsatia growing strange fungi in abandoned corners of our homes and spend most of our waking life tearing hair out wondering what the hell everybody wants from us.

Anyway, a couple of months ago I found out that Andy has indeed been cooking up a new comic entitled "Coupledom" which he'd better hope is as good as his usual standard of comic because psychos like me will have a thing or two to say about it after he's made us wait this long. Anyway, upon hearing this news at one of the Paper Jam meetings, I proceeded to tenuously link the theme of our 24-Minute Comic (Smooth + Monkey's Bottom) to a faux-advertisement for the then mysterious and unnamed project, which Andy took a liking to despite it being a bit offensive.

He then astonishingly asked if he could include it in the project, and I told him "No fucking way! It's shit!" but did offer to do a cleaner version later that he could use, if I didn't regret the whole idea after about 24 Hours. So after months of procrastination, I set pen to paper today because I heard he was coming upon the final stages of creation. And here's the page: