Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A Cracking Start to 2011

Hello All,

I was very pleased not only to have a lovely feature provided by comics-criticism connoisseur of the North East, Christian Kerr, in the January issue of The Crack magazine, but also to have the lovely robot illustration I created based on these lovely robots put slap bang on the cover!

But it gets better folks! The editor asked my permission after they were unable to use a picture of Muhammed Ali! Which means their next thought after legendary-boxer-hero-to-millions was ME! Ahem...well maybe. Anyway, feast your eyes:

The Crack is a free magazine that is chock full of reviews and listings for all sorts of lovely local gigs, theatre performances, galleries, good places to eat, stuff that's happening and everything in-between. You can pick it up from almost every decent pub and clothes/record/comic shop in Newcastle so please do seek it out!