Friday, 14 May 2010

Bitty Bang


I've been hard at work for the last day or two finally knuckling down on The Big Bang Issue Two after a big hiatus while I moved house and various other excuses. The second issue is going to feature some envelope-pushing on the format side of things, the nature of which I'll not get into just yet - but suffice to say that when myself and Alexi Conman realised that such a thing was doable, my excitement was enough to put the plain old comics drawing on the back-burner until I brought the thing into existence. A preview of artwork featured within can be seen below:

It dawned on me yesterday that it has been 6 months since the first issue and I'd better get my act together before everyone forgets about it! So any and all spare time I manage to wrangle over the coming weeks will be spent pouring over old scripts, thumbnails, doodles and ideas and hopefully I'll have a new issue for you very soon!