Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Scenes from a coming Bang

Me and Alexi Conman have been coming up with tons of ideas for the future of our humble series and one particularly revolutionary idea has increased my enthusiasm tenfold. The second issue will eclipse the first in scope, content and awesomeness. Here's a snippet:

I'm hoping to have this out before the end of March so I'll keep you posted on its progress. In other news, this Thursday night I'll finally be unveiling plans for the Paper Jam Comics Collective's 7th/8th/9th anthology (depending on how long it takes) Music...and that. It's an idea I've had in the works for ages but one it has finally come time to execute. It's release will be in the summer and it will shred riffs so sweet you'll weep like Robert Smith. Keep your eyes on the PJCC blog for more info.


Andy said...

Looking good, my friend.

But when does the 'big banging' come into it? I was promised a porno comic extravaganza!

Daniel said...

Looking real good.