Friday, 9 December 2011

What's the What, World Wide Web?

Here's an uber-fast rundown of everything I've been up to since the last post:

1) A Christmas Special for Scream magazine with collaborator PM Buchan, of course
2) A meal and sip of scotch whisky with Anders Nilsen, don'tchuknow
3) A new issue of the Big Bang (available here)
4) A nice weekend at Thought Bubble comic con
5) A new print in the Etsy Store
6) A talk and stall lined up for tomorrow's Canny Comic Con

And here's a little bit of an expansion on these news items:

A Christmas Special for Scream Magazine

The third and, alas, final for now, submission to Scream Magazine that PM Buchan and I will be submitting, but what a corker. It's about the legend of Krampus in the modern age and is a gloriously blood-soaked festive treat. We're selling the three strips we've submitted as a limited numbered set, so if you run into either me or Bucky out and about in the comic world (or if you check my Etsy shop after this weekend) you'll be able to score yourself a copy for a mere £2 English. Here's a sneaky peak:

A Meal and a Sip of Scotch Whisky with Anders Nilsen

Due to being at a wedding, I wasn't able to make it to the recent Anders Nilsen signing for Big Questions at Travelling Man. But although I don't work there anymore, I still invivte myself to all of their social events. So naturally, when I found out they were wining and dining him the night before, I gatecrashed. I also brought with me an arsenal of comics that I knew he'd want to see by Angus McKie in a vain attempt to get a mention on his blog. And guess what, you guys? I (sort of) did! Here's some grainy photos of Anders looking uncomfortable and me looking happier than I've ever been in my sad little life, plus the awesome sketch he did for me:

The Big Bang Issue Three - A Comic for Dennis Brown (+ New Print)

Please welcome to the fold Issue Three of The Big Bang series. This issue is a mini comic, featuring 12 pages of delicious greyscale story all about the life of Dennis Brown, the bus driver who makes his first appearance at the beginning of The Big Bang Issue Two. The subheading is a reference to the song “A Song for Dennis Brown” by The Mountain Goats.

While this issue doesn't carry on from the previous one, it offers extra depth to the character and should enhance your reading of the issues yet to come. On the other hand, it can also work as a standalone story without any need to have read issues one and two. The story is broken up into three parts – Dennis’ childhood, his early adulthood and his midlife career choice to drive buses.

Go buy it! And while you're there, buy this too:

A Nice Weekend at Thought Bubble

It was a nice weekend, and too nice to possibly go into all of the details with the limited time I have. Great catching up with folks I don't get to catch up with otherwise, nice being at the mercy of Joe Public during my (now customary) "Draw Anything You Want For £5" social experiment and I also had the chance to make my peace for not bowing down in servitude to the wonderously talented Kristyna Baczynski the last couple of times I unwittingly spoke to her at the con.

Talk and Stall at Canny Comic Con

It's probably a bit late in the day to be informing you of this now, but my co-conspiritor on The Big Bang has organised an incredible schedule of talks, workshops, panels and seminars to take place in a hall full of comic stalls at Newcastle City Library tomorrow (10th December!) - in other words, he's finally filled the gap between Leeds and Inverness that the comic-convention-going people of the North needed! I'll be doing a 30minute talk starting at 10am called "What Comics Aren't" and I'll also be selling my wares all the live long day. Go to the CCC website and brace yourself to be punched in the face with awesome.