Sunday, 11 September 2011

Hey You Guys

I'm not going to give my usual apology for irregular updates or any empty promises to stay on top of things like usual. This is for two reasons: 1) I always say those things and never follow through, and 2) I'm going to have even less opportunity than before to do regular updates between now and June 2012 because I've just started a Primary PGCE and Hoo-Boy, is it going to be intense.

Instead, here's a massive information dump to read at your leisure. If anyone out there still follows my work, they may have noticed a big change to my main website. You might notice it isn't as fancy pants, but has been streamlined into a sleek little set of pages that a HTML dunce like me can manage without help from computer geniuses. That means more regular updates, more frequent page errors and generally more STUFF. What's more, you can view this blog as part of the site, so why not bookmark it? Why not, huh?

You may also remember me talking about some collaboration with the heathen known as Phillip M Buchan. Well, aside from the four page strip mentioned before, I've also done two one-pagers with Bucky that have landed in the sweet UK horror magazine Scream. One is about the grim reaper and being a drunk, and the other is about a teenage werewolf and being drunk. Thematic stuff, previews of which can be seen below.

I've also been chipping away at the third issue of The Big Bang and make a solemn promise to have printed versions at this year's Thought Bubble. Finally, I just finished designing a poster/flyer design for the forthcoming Jeffrey Lewis gig here in Newcastle. I was a little pushed for time, but skimped on no details when it came to drawing the guitar composed 90% of stickers, for which Jeff is so famously known (to creeps like me). Behold!

In other news, my good ol' buddy bud Andy Waugh has just launched a website, and I know for a fact that our two websites bookmarked side by side on your browser will be an incredible and beautiful sight to behold.