Monday, 23 November 2009

Food for Thought Bubble

So Thought Bubble panned out pretty well, I met two people who I had only spoken to by e-mail/phone, namely Paul Rainey and Louise Ho, had brief chats with chums and acquaintances from last year's event, namely Hugh "Shug" Raine, Gareth Brookes, Steve Tillotson and Marc Ellerby, as well as enjoying the company of The Newcastle Paper Jam Comics Collective's finest - Andy Waugh, Gary Bainbridge, Paul Thompson, Alexi Conman, Terry Wiley, Ben Clark, Ian Mayor, Daniel Clifford and Lily Daniels.

Special thanks to Andy for manning my stall for ages while I was wandering around, and also for taking these pictures of my vile self and all the things I had for sale:

Check me out, selling stuff to Gareth Brookes - who do I think I am, Elvis? Anyway, following the convention, I've updated my Etsy Shop with both items I was debuting there - The Big Bang Issue One and The Crumpet Time Badge Set - you can also now pick up a copy of The Big Bang from Travelling Man Newcastle, and you'll be able to pick both items up from all Travelling Man stores at some point in the very near future when I figure out how I'm going to do it.

Updates soon ladies and gentlemen.