Saturday, 1 August 2009

Mountain Goats Poster

I decided against my usual "funny" or "witty" title-making for this post, because I need a moment of extreme fanboy sincerity. Those of you among us who do not know of the wonderful assemblage of musical delights that one John Darnielle has been assembling under the name "The Mountain Goats" for the last 18 years, shame on you. They sprung out of the rafters for me not that long ago and have set up lodgings in my brain, ear drums and those little hums that slip past your lips when you're not thinking about it.

Among their consistently brilliant and well-written tracks is one by the name of Oceanographer's Choice from the album Tallahassee. This song might not be the stand-out track from their library, or even from this album for that matter, but it does open with these lines "Well, guy in a skeleton costume comes up to the guy in the Superman suit, runs through him with a broadsword. I flip the television off..." - which invoked in me a perfect visual for a poster.

I had no reason to create this poster, but that made it an extremely beneficial process for my current mind-set. It's been too long since I've just drawn for my own enjoyment, and I'm exceptionally happy with how it turned out. I'm looking into somehow getting it to the band in case they might be able to use it for something, but will be happy enough to just have it kicking about in my portfolio if not. And here, gentle reader, it is: