Thursday, 23 July 2009

New Old News

I've been a bit rubbish at keeping on top of the blog lately, so here's some stuff that was breaking news a few weeks ago and some other stuff that's still more or less breaking news.

Firstly, I updated my Etsy Shop with some prints, and I changed my username to crumpettimecomics because it was binkythedoormat7 previously, and that's just retarded. I also took some new photos for some of the items, and in the process Siobhan caught this picture of our new kitten Lua posing with my postcard set:

Secondly, the exhibition at Mushroom Works is now underway, so if anyone out there still hasn't been down to check it out you most certainly should! There are some incredible artists exhibiting and the walls are teaming with talent. I'll have some photos to show you soon.

Finally, I produced the EP cover for O'Messy Life's second EP Green Posies Growin' Gangrene Below 'Em and here it be: