Saturday, 27 June 2009

Big Update

Okay, things got a little messy over the course of those last few posts, so I've deleted some stuff and swapped some other stuff around. Here is what you need to know: There are updates on my real website, so go have a gander. The Titus Andronicus poster is now being used for the Heaton Games Society, because apparently the gig wasn't confirmed when I drew the poster and the band turned down the offer to play the UK. Here's the second version:

Events-wise, I'll be in Sunderland this weekend, because the city council are putting on a big ol' festival, and we're going to have a comic stall there and maybe do some workshops too. By we, I mean myself, Gary Bainbridge, Andy Waugh, any members of the Paper Jam Comics Collective who fancy it, and Durham's finest, the Mallard Small Press crew (or some vague approximation of the above).

More impressively, I've been chosen to exhibit some work at The Mushroom Works Gallery, as part of their upcoming celebration of Illustration 'Quite the Character'. The exhibition will be running between 18th July - 29th Aug and I'll be producing lots of new stuff to show and sell for the occasion. More details will follow when I've been down to meet them on Monday!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Thought Bubble & Boreal

Some new things for your viewing pleasure. They're a bit low resolution I'm afraid. Just getting a panic on about internet theft, which I've heard far too much about lately.

'Sea Food' - wallet design for Boreal.

Illustration for the Thought Bubble blog, they've done a little Independent and Small Press Friends of Thought Bubble feature on me, so go have a read.