Thursday, 14 May 2009

Out of Hibernation

Well that's it, I've now been officially promoted (demoted?) from university student to real life starving artist. With no more essays or exams to think about it means I can finally get down to drawing, and panicking that I'll never make it and being broke. The good news is, that during my hibernation I managed to set myself up a few jobs for when I was done. One of these jobs is a wallet design for Boreal, a small collective of art appreciators who aim to promote the work of artists, graphic/textile designers and graffiti maestros (from both established and non-established camps) through a series of limited edition, hand-crafted wallets, bags etc.

The second is a strip for a project that poets Andy Croft, Bill Herbert and Paul Summers are working on, which revolves around a curious incident involving a stray dog, a fashion model and the Moscow Metro line. More on that when I figure it out myself!

The third and final thing is a doodle for the small press page on the Thought Bubble website, which I should hopefully have done in the next week or so. Anyone who doesn't know what Thought Bubble is... what are you? A schmuck?! Gawan, geddoutahere! - Thought Bubble is the best, fastest-growing and most Leeds-based comic convention of the past two years and this third year will be even better. One of the reasons for that is because it will make misanthropic small pressers like me get their act together and produce shiny new things for the occasion. I won't have this blasted internet ruin the surprise of what shiny new thing that might be, but suffice it to say that I'm aiming to do things way out of my league and I have been discussing the operation with a trusted writer/artists/creative type, who for the purposes of this blog will remain anonymous.

In the meantime, did I mention that we're having a launch party at the end of the month? Friday 29th May at the Star and shadow will see the launch of the 5th Paper Jam Comics Collective anthology Robots...and that, and will feature live music, short films, comics, cakes, sweets and all other manner of fun and excitement. It's £4 or £3 to members of the cinema, and the anthology will be available for a special price on the night. Here's a sample from the four-pager myself and Mr. Ian Mayor put together for it: