Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Scenes from a coming Bang

Me and Alexi Conman have been coming up with tons of ideas for the future of our humble series and one particularly revolutionary idea has increased my enthusiasm tenfold. The second issue will eclipse the first in scope, content and awesomeness. Here's a snippet:

I'm hoping to have this out before the end of March so I'll keep you posted on its progress. In other news, this Thursday night I'll finally be unveiling plans for the Paper Jam Comics Collective's 7th/8th/9th anthology (depending on how long it takes) Music...and that. It's an idea I've had in the works for ages but one it has finally come time to execute. It's release will be in the summer and it will shred riffs so sweet you'll weep like Robert Smith. Keep your eyes on the PJCC blog for more info.

Friday, 12 February 2010


So then, me and the chaps of the The Paper Jam Comics Collective have been hard at work putting on our 3 Year Birthday party/launch event for Space Monkey and doing promotion work for it. Read all about it here. Part of that involved a creative collaboration between myself and the infinitely talented Mr. Bainbridge, (our first, in fact, despite being creative allies for all of these three years) who designed this killer poster:

Feel free to print copies and give them to everyone you know!

I coloured it and did the text and heading, but of course, the main attraction would be the giant caterpillar playing slap bass. Hopefully he'll turn up to play on the night because I've just received the sorry news that my drummer will be unavailable, so only 5 of 6 members of Sleepwalk will be headlining on that night. We may still try to jig things around so one of us can play a make-shift percussion thing, but we'll see.

In other news, I've just listed the Viva La Robolution poster I was yacking on about earlier. And let me tell you brother, it is one beastly thing to behold. I ended up printing it on A1 gloss and it's big enough to eat your grandmother. Go check it out.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Small Press Big Bang!

The awesome, ever-supportive and comic-centric Stacey Whittle has reviewed issue one of The Big Bang on her podcast-come-nerd-haven, Small Press Big Mouth. If you want to hear the review click here and listen to Episode Fifteen. Then listen to all the other episodes. Or better yet, work up to the review from Episode One. Go on then!

Me and Stacey think pretty much the same things about issue one, which is both refreshing and encouraging, and I was very pleased to have its story mechanism compared to those of Alex Robinson. And, of course, I was humbled in no small way to be mentioned at all. Cheers Stacey!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Viva La Robolution

I had my first Custom Item Request on Etsy last week from the talented Rachel Wheeler of Pretty Much LiQi Designs. It was for more robots but in the form of prints, and after sending her a slew of ideas we finally settled on a Communist propaganda-style thing, which turned out something exactly like this:

There were some other, equally cheesy, ideas but I'll hopefully do those some time soon as well so I won't ruin the surprise for everyone sat at home holding their breath in nail-biting suspense (you know who you aren't).

Dance With Me.